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Chef Dev Kasalkar

Director, Culinary Educator, Consultant,

Certified Culinary Educator by Indian Federation of Culinary Associations - IFCA

"When you have knowledge, it makes no difference whether you are rich or poor. Trust on your hard work and follow your heart that makes you best forever. There are no borders for learning. Always try to learn from the people around you. Be confident in any work especially when you are doing very well. Start with the most difficult parts of projects, don’t regret your failures and instead try to learn from your mistakes. “The process is more important than the result". The result is just a by-product of the process. But in today's world, we are so focused on the by-product that we get away from the process. So take care of the process and all small things you do and eventually you will get the desired result.

I think Cooking is not difficult, everyone has taste, even if they don't realize it. Even if you're not a great chef, there's nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn't. I really feel... I have found myself as a chef, it's very clear to me what I want to do and how it should taste. A good chef is the peculiar gift of the god. He must be a perfect creature from the brain to the palate, from the palate to the fingers end. Always try to learn about ingredients - try new recipes, learn from your seniors, be innovative, and above all have fun!

I always expressed through my words, Knowledge is not given but earned and character is not granted but cultivated. Knowledge is not just about the subjects that are learnt and taught in school or college, it’s all about to learn humanity, culture and wisdom. Deep learning is shaped by the values of excellence, hard work, integrity, and humility. To bring the glory in the life, education is the discovery for the meaningful future. Creativity and imagination makes shines not only on the outside but also from within. We often complain that we should get more as a result but actually, we always get whatever we have prepared for.

Be motivated to follow the passion... When your ‘Passion’ becomes your ‘Obsession’, it takes you to the next level of success & you don't need to be an expert. Always examine and revise your goals and be sure you are progressive towards those goals on a daily basis. If we prepare well, we execute well, if we are honest to ourselves then, we will get the desired result. And if you are short of it, you need to keep learning more n more... What may look like setbacks can be the best lessons in life. See challenges as opportunities and never stop learning.

" Beyond the fear... Be yourself... Be independent... Be different. "

About About

“Don’t try to be a Cook…. Be a skilled chef…………

Skill comes from hard & smart work……….

You must remember why you here...? How you got here…?

Who got you her & where you want to be…?

You are never liked, never loved-the best jump from - scum to icons…

You have to earn respect… No ONE is beneath you. You can be replaced and you will… So…

Respect the Chef’s jacket, title, and culinary art…………

If u don’t really have a dream you can’t really push yourself, u don’t really know what the target is'.

If you don’t feel pain… are not doing it right...!”

As a trainer we are here… to get you there……..


1) Managing Director - Chefs Kitchen Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management- CK

2) Vice President - Indian Young Chefs Association - IYCA

3) President - Chefs Kitchen Alumni - CKA

4) Founder Director - Dev Education Society - DES

5) Consultant - Devs Hospitality Solutions – DHS

1) IFCA-National Award – Best Culinary Educator 2019 at VIII International Chef Conference Delhi

2) Best Participation Award - at VIII International Chef Conference 2019 Delhi

3) WICA – Chef Entrepreneur of the Year-2019 at Chefs Connect 2019 – Mumbai,

4) JURY MEMBER – IFCA SIAL India – National Culinary Competition 2019 - Delhi

5) Certified Culinary Educator - Indian Federation of Culinary Associations-IFCA-2019

6) Corporate Platinum Member - Indian Federation of Culinary Associations - IFCA

7) IFCA-National Award – Best Culinary Educator 2017 at VII International Chef Conference Delhi

8) Team Judge – Indian Young Chefs Association – at Young Chefs Culinary Challenge –Abu Dhabi – By The Emirates Culinary Guild – Dec 2018

9) Representing Member - Team India - The World Chef Congress 2018, Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia

10) Best Culinary Educator - Year 2018 by Food Critics and Bloggers Association(FCBA)

11) Certified Master Chef - The Diploma In Culinary Excellence - World Master Chef Society U.K.

12) Master Class-Regional Food - World Heritage Cuisine Summit & Food Festival Amritsar 2018

13) City Ka Sitara - Kolhapur – 2018 – By Radio City 95 FM

14) Honored for Best Hospitality Participation - by Kolhapur Hotel Association – 2019

Team Coach - YCAI + Bronze Medal - Abu Dhabi 2018

Team Coach – 2nd Runner up – at Everest Better Kitchen – 2020 Mumbai

Team Coach - Gold + Bronze at FHW - at GICC - 2019 Mumbai

Team Coach - Silver + Bronze Medal - at NSCC -2018 by Nestle & WICA - at Mumbai

Team Coach - Bronze Medal - US Poultry at ICCC 2018

Team Coach - Gold + Bronze Medal - at FHW - GICC 2015 Mumbai

Team Coach - Silver Medal - FHW - GICC 2016 Mumbai

WACS - World Associations of Chefs Societies

IFCA - Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

YCAI - Indian Young Chefs Association

WICA - Western India Culinary Association

CGI - Chefs Guild of India

ICF - Indian Culinary Forum

ECG - Emirates Culinary Guild

WMCS - World Master Chef Society

1) IFCA-VIII International Chefs Conference 2019 Delhi

2) IFCA - SIAL INDIA National Culinary Competition 2019

3) IFCA National Young Chefs Convention 2019 –Delhi

4) World Heritage Cuisine Summit & Food Festival Amritsar – 2018 – Master Class

5) WICA – Chef Connect – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 – Mumbai

6) SICA Culinary Competition Chennai – 2018

7) Indian Young Chefs Association – Conference 2018 - Goa

8) CAFR- 3rd Food Conclave & Food Award 2018 – Chandigarh

9) World Chefs Congress and Expo 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10) 7th IFCA International Chefs Conference 2017 – Delhi

11) IFCA National Young Chefs Convention 2017 – Delhi

12) 6th IFCA International Chefs Conference 2015–Chennai

13) IFCA Global Culinary Exchange 2015 – Delhi

14) IFCA National Young Chef Convention 2016 – Delhi

15) WICA 9th edition of WICA's Chef's Connect Conference - 2022



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