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Chefs Kitchen Institute with an experience of 10 years has set many standards in the field of hospitality Education. One of the best Training Institute in Kolhapur.. providing the best Culinary Education with professional training to the student to be at the heart of the action in top jobs at 5 star hotels in India & Abroad - Cruise Liners, Resorts, Airlines, Fine Dining Restaurants, many other food industries & own business. Students who enjoy cooking are exposed to various different forms and styles of the culinary world.

We aim to build confidence in students by improving their knowledge, motivating them to accept new challenges, aspire them to become true professionals with complete dedication and support. Building a strong mind, with a healthy and happy environment has always been our motto to get the real person out of every student.

We as a team of Chefs Kitchen assure you that you will find enough information about Hotel Management Studies & also make you familiar throughout the process of getting recruited for a Star Hotels & Cruise Line Job.

We, as an organization, realized the importance of helping students to be successfully placed in dynamic & growing hotel industry...

As you tour our campus, you’ll experience a special energy that springs from the creativity and passion of the Chef’s Kitchen Community-Education & Training of Gastronomical industry. Enjoy a culinary Education.. Demonstration.. Training.. Practical’s throughout your educational sessions…

If you are prospective applicant, we wish you success in your endeavor for getting admitted into a course of your choice in the Institute of Hotel Management…

Join us now because “We are not only Teachers… but ...We Are the Best Trainers..!!!


"Chefs Make Delicious Food … We Make Delicious Chefs…!! "


To transform individuals into outstanding educators and leaders by providing flexible learning platforms to empower students to become well educated, responsible, self-directed, think critically and creatively to embrace their own history, self-worth, To reinforce education as knowledge learned, shared and achieve excellence in the hospitality industry by becoming life-long learners.


To Foster the Quality of Imagination in Culinarians for Being a Professional Asset in the Food Service Industry.

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Chefs Kitchen is committed to:

  • To provide an educational program that develops student's curiosity and creativity.
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To foster tolerance, respect and acceptance of others.
  • To build each student’s resilience and self-esteem.
  • To provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant and allows all students to succeed.
  • To promote a strong, supportive partnership between home, Institute, Industry and the wider community.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and students.
Cooking School


C H E F S - Creativity Honesty Enjoyment Fearless Success

Creativity - We inspire and motivate them to perform their creativity in the work

Honesty - This is the basic and utmost quality we inculcate in every student.

Enjoyment - We make student enjoy every work that they do so that they do it with full passion.

Fearless - We make our students fearless to perform any task in any circumstances.

Success - Success is just a word and will achieve it if done with the systems and coordination with chef's kitchen...

K I T C H E NKnowledge Information Transformation Collaboration Hardwork Encourage Nurture

Knowledge - We give our students knowledge about every aspects and about every subject of the industry.

Information - We provide our students detailed information about the growing industry.

Transformation - We transform our students from just a learning student to a well-trained chef.

Collaboration - We collaborate with the best hotels and best food chain industries.

Hardwork - We teach them just hard word is not enough what is really needed is hard + smart work...

Encourage - We encourage our students to do any work with full zest and enthusiasm to achieve the best

Nurture - We nurture them to be one of the best to cope up with the outer world.

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  • Recognized By - Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Affiliated by – KaviKulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur
  • Affiliated by – National Council for Vocational Training & Education
  • Accredited by – Indian Federation of Culinary Associations – IFCA
  • Platinaum Member of - Indian Federation of Culinary Associations – IFCA
  • Supported by – Indian Young Chefs Association
  • Supported by – Chef Soundar Culinary Academy
  • Association with – Dev Educational Society
  • National Award 2019 & 2017 by IFCA – the Best Culinary Educator – Food Production